Thalgo Cosmetic, France honours NZ Rosemary Currie, Infinisea Creations Ltd

At the Thalgo International Conference held at the prestigious Westminster Hotel & Spa, Nice, France on 25 September 2018, BLC, Thalgo Cosmetic, France honoured their New Zealand distributor Rosemary Currie,  Infinite Trading -  Infinisea for 30 years of collaboration and trading.

Rosemary thanked the Sirop family for their vision for Thalgo and acknowledged the research and development into new marine innovations that have proved very beneficial to Beauty Therapists and their clients in 98 nations and throughout New Zealand.

Thalgo are world leaders in “predictive cosmetic care” and the use of Micronised Marine Algaes and Sea Water to assist in the prevention of the ageing process. Recent Thalgo launches include the Award-Winning Prodige de Oceans which won the Asia Spa award for the “Best Results Oriented line of the year” November 2017. And Prodige des Oceans Mask that won the Cosmetiquemag Oscar in Paris for the “Best Professional Face Treatment”.  Body Palp won the 2018 H.PIERANTONI prize for innovation for the “Best Body Sculpting Equipment”.


Picture:  Bernard Sirop, Manager Director of Thalgo, France with Rosemary Currie, Beauty Director of Infinisea.

Article resource: BeautyNZ Magazine