By Tristan Hooker/MediaPA
Feel like putting your skin in “reset’ mode, pampering and ensuring it has a good start to the year? You can with the latest range of 4 unique masks from Thalgo Laboratories the range recommended for professionals by Infinisea.
There’s nothing more fun, quick and effective than applying several masks at once to beautifully enhance your skin in just 10 minutes.
Thalgo helps you find the moisture and ingredients from the sea that you need to plump, smooth and replenish your skin this summer.
Inspired by tailor-made professional techniques, this patchwork of targeted Thalgo products, applied with a different zoning technique for each face, works an instant beauty transformation on the skin.
1: The Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask uses two hyaluronic acids to rehydrate the cells and plump up the skin, Sève Bleue des Océans to rehydrate and replenish the minerals in the epidermis, hydradiffusine to reactivate the natural dermo-epidermal hydration process and hyalurophyline to boost the synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid.
2: The Ultra Radiance Mask revives dull, tired skin. A professional formula now available in an at-home retail product.  This mask capitalizes on the benefits of special ingredients lumisource, sichuan pepper and Sève Bleue Des Océans.
3: Deeply Nourishing Mask is like a lipid bandage.  It repairs and soothes even the driest skin, to intensely nourish and recover its suppleness and softness, using a cocktail of rare and precious oils, such as cold cream marine, micro-encapsulated borage oil, grape seed oil, shea butter and wild rose oil.
4: Absolute Purifying Mask is excellent for combination to oily skin areas. It clarifies, replenishes minerals and purifies. Using special marine algae ingredients including Fucus Spiralis and Tetraselmis Chui, Witch Hazel, Sève Bleue Des Océans and Kaolin, the skins texture is refined and softness and balance is restored.
Infinisea has been advancing body care solutions to medical, beauty and spa professionals throughout New Zealand since 1989 and is the exclusive agent for Thalgo in New Zealand. You’ll love the sensory formulas of these new effective summer masks!

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