By Tristan Hooker/MediaPA
2016 Christmas Gift Sets are available now from Thalgo, the leading experts in marine-based cosmetic technology.picture1
For more than 50 years, Thalgo has been providing its unique products to spas and the beauty industry around the world.
Infinisea, New Zealand, is the exclusive agent for Thalgo spa treatment rituals and beauty products.
“Infinisea has a long relationship with Thalgo,” says Rosemary Currie, owner and founder of Infinisea.
“Thalgo is the world’s major player in professional marine cosmetics,” she says.  “At the heart of Thalgo business is sound research, which they are continually developing and evolving.”
This year’s Thalgo Gift Collection sets are cleverly designed around a format inspired by rare and precious books.  Each one of the gift sets has been designed to resemble an attractive book, with a simulation of a label on the cover and decoration and numbering on the spine.
An exclusive numbered collection of 10 books are available in three sizes.  The numbers represent the number given to each of the offers.
Packaging and graphics are designed around three symbolic elements:  The rose, which symbolizes beauty and purity; the colour blue, emblematic colour of Thalgo; and gold, representing refinement and elegance.
An innovative printing technique has been used to create a tone-on-tone embossed rose with three levels of embossing for visual effect.
The book edges have been decorated with shades of blue and gold, revealing a luminous, festive motif.
Thalgo has created 10 gift sets, with something to satisfy every budget and taste.
These include seven gift sets for the face, comprising of three fundamental skin care offers and four specific anti-ageing packages; two gift sets for the body, including Polynesia and Marine Care; and one gift set for men.

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