By Tristan Hooker/MediaPA

Award-winning, New Zealand owned and operated Spa and Beauty provider Infinisea, introduces a new effective Thalgo treatment:  The Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual.

Infinisea is the exclusive New Zealand distributor for Thalgo an international leader in scientifically-based marine-inspired cosmetics.

Working with high-end beauty brands such as Thalgo and others, Infinisea distributes marine-based skincare to spas and beauty salons across New Zealand as well as providing industry leaders with information, support and professional development workshops.

The Thalgo laboratory, a pioneer in marine intelligence for 50 years, is consistently working towards new discoveries in marine-inspired cosmetics and transforming the field of cosmeceuticals.

The Thalgo Cold Cream Marine Body formula contains concentrated Marine Algae Oil, Marine Wax and Sève Bleue des Océans.

Presenting an exceptional affinity with the skin and an unequalled bioassimilation potential, Cold Cream Marine offers intense nourishing performance and lasting soothing effectiveness.

The Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual is dedicated to dry and very dry skin.  It imbues weakened skin with Cold Cream Marine to sooth feelings of tightness and intensely replenishes the lipid levels of skin most severely attacked by the cold and the abrasive rubbing of clothes.

A comforting wrap, relaxing movements and soothing, gentle massage unknot the tensions and strains linked to the discomfort of dry skin.  Cold Cream Marine restores a supple, soft and velvety feel to even the most stressed skin and can be provided in the comfort of a beauty therapy salon or spa.

Infinisea has been advancing body care solutions to medical, beauty and spa professionals throughout New Zealand since 1989 and is offering discovery days for qualified Beauty or Spa Therapists to view the ease of this effective new body ritual.


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