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Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start preparing your body, mind and skin for long, lazy days in the sun, at the beach or by the pool.
Infinisea New Zealand wants to help you protect your skin from the harshness of the sun, sea and chlorine, while enjoying the summer and looking your best.
Anywhere in the world, but particularly in New Zealand where the ozone layer is thin and the sun can damage delicate skin, it’s important to use high quality, well reputed products which will give you the results you want for soft, well-nourished skin while maintaining a healthy tan if you so desire.
Thalgo, from France, is the world’s leading expert in marine-based cosmetic technology.  Thalgo’s technicians have developed a range of solar care products for a beauty routine which will protect your skin and provide anti-aging and dark-spot protection, allowing you to enjoy your time in the sun and get a smooth, even tan without worrying about excessive damage.
Thalgo’s laboratories have studied the properties of a red alga, called polysiphonia lanosa, which develops molecules with extraordinary filtering powers, allowing it to withstand extreme sunlight conditions.
Thalgo’s experts have combined the properties of polysiphonia lanosa with a natural marine source of astaxanthin, a highly effective anti-radical shield, to produce a line of quality solar care products for body and hair, including a Bronzing Activator Lotion and a Satin Tanning Oil for Body and Hair.
Infinisea New Zealand is the exclusive agent for Thalgo spa treatment rituals and beauty products.
Specialising in the natural potential of the sea and hi-tech scientific beauty solutions, Infinisea provides body care solutions to spa, beauty therapy, podiatry and hair dressing professionals throughout New Zealand and Pacific Island Nations.


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