By Tristan Hooker/MediaPA

Award-winning Spa and Beauty provider Infinisea was delighted to launch the Mceutic Essential Regenerating Mask at an exclusive preview for Beauty Therapists and Appearance Medicine professionals at Ellerslie Event Centre. A first for the Thalgo Laboratory team this marine cosmeceutical with Poly-revitalizing bio-cellulose is infused with Mesolift Marin to accelerate optimum regeneration of the skin.

Bio-cellulose, derived from the fermentation of plant fibres has been used in the medical field for the treatment of third-degree burns and is easily accepted by the skin and is safe to use, being 100% natural, sterile and biodegradable.

Infinisea is the exclusive agent in New Zealand for Thalgo, an international leader in scientifically-based marine-inspired cosmetic treatments.

Thalgo laboratory, a pioneer in marine intelligence for 50 years, is constantly working towards new discoveries in marine-inspired cosmetics and transforming the field of cosmeceuticals.

Thalgo Mceutic Essential Regenerating Mask is a highly effective mask. Its three-dimensional nanofiber structure gives it two substantial dermatological benefits:

Complete adaptability to the cutaneous micro relief: It perfectly covers bumps, furrows and wrinkles on the face for ultra-precise adhesion and complete coverage.

Exceptional hygroscopic properties, thanks to its micro-network of plant fibres, which captures up to 100 times its weight in active ingredients.

The Essential Regenerating Mask replenishes the skin after a professional peeling treatment to regenerate, hydrate and activate cellular renewal.  Loaded with Marine Mesolift, this mask incorporates 34 vitamins and amino acids and a cell nucleotide as well as hyaluronic acid.

The patented technology is encapsulated in a biosphere which delivers these ingredients to the skin over 48 hours and is ideal for use at home post-peel or anytime the skin needs renewal.



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