By Tristan Hooker/MediaPAInfinisea
MCEUTIC a brand developed by Thalgo was named 2016 Top Anti-Ageing Range at the Asia Spa Awards ceremony held at WooBar in Hong Kong during November.
Marine Mesolift is inspired by the aesthetic medicine technique mesotherapy and is a 100% marine bio-regenerative active solution with extraordinary concentrations of essential marine nutrients with unmatched bio-assimilation – the perfect affinity between marine active ingredients and skin cells.
MCeutic Masks provide correction for severe blemishes and skin irregularities with a medical like approach in the clinic or salon. The prescribed skin diagnosis assists systematization of the treatment. There is no massage just a tailored system using a very high concentration of active ingredients and hyper-effectiveness of the MCeutic product.  The unique graphical guidelines and medical like containers suggest efficiency and technology.
Mceutic is a major scientific innovation to correct the most severe physiological skin disorders and has an unprecedented action mechanism on sebocytes.
Combined with advanced active ingredients Marine Mesolift the benchmark of dermatological ingredients covered by numerous publications is a new generation of active ingredients that has benefited from the latest scientific advances says Rosemary Currie, Director of Infinisea.
Infinisea has been advancing marine based body care solutions to qualified Medical and Beauty professionals throughout New Zealand since 1989 and is a generous provider of post graduate workshops, information and support for stockists.
Thalgo laboratories are an internationally respected pioneer in marine intelligence.  For 50 years, Thalgo has been making new discoveries in marine-inspired cosmetics.

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