When stress, fatigue, and gloom make you want to get away from it all it’s time to be pampered! Infinisea recommends the two hour blissful Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual.
Infinisea have been Advancing Thalgo Body Care Solutions to spa and beauty professionals throughout New Zealand since 1989.Thalgo are pioneers in marine scientific research, the Thalgo Laboratory in France has developed a unique expertise in the knowledge and research of ultra-high-performance marine active ingredients and their innovative spa experiences enhance the beauty of your skin and assist to preserve it’s youthfulness.

“Thalgo has drawn inspiration from traditional Polynesian beauty rituals to create this perfect escape to refresh the body and mind says Rosemary Currie, Director of Infinisea.

Family’s, Business people, Couples, Mothers and daughters, Brides and their wedding parties  can all benefit from the relaxing, stress relieving experience that Thalgo Polynesia offers.

The leading Thalgo Thalassotherapy and Spas in  97 nations offer Thalgo Polynesia and are equipped with luxurious couple rooms or individual  studios. On a recent visit to Thalgo spas in Macau I discovered a new spa gem fully equipped with an elegant spa studio for six guests. In New Zealand the Thalgo Polynesia Spa Experience is great for travelers visiting our nation especially after long haul flights and our New Zealand spa industry has highly trained Thalgo spa therapists say Rosemary.

Enhancing your well-being with this  age-old Polynesian tradition from Tahiti  begins with you making regular time out to enjoy the relaxing, sensory, rhythmical movements of the massage as the vanilla fragrances of  Thalgo Polynesia  transports your mind to far  away  exotic Pacific  islands.

The two hour Polynesia experience is a 4-stop voyage of the senses, beginning with a stop at Taha’ the Vanilla Island for an Exotic Island Body Scrub. Generations of Polynesian woman have used coconut fibers or hot sand to smooth their skin says Rosemary and Thalgo have built on this tradition by using white sand,  sea salt  and  coconut extract mixed with soothing monoi and vanilla oils to  smooth and soften the skin.

The voyage continues on to Manihi, the Lagoon Island, where the body relaxes as it bathes in a lagoon-coloured bath offering warmth, moisturizing and infinite relaxation. To extend the voyage at home Thalgo has created ocean fragranced “Lagoon Water” Bath Pebbles for you to purchase and relive the memory.

These effervescent pebbles generate hundreds of relaxing micro-bubbles on contact with water, releasing their beneficial active ingredients of soothing marine complex, microalgae Dunaliella and Spirulina, white water lily and citrus essential oils provide optimum hydration and ensure on going relaxation.

Now onto our next stop at Bora Bora, Island of White Sand and the famous Mahana Massage a secret of Polynesian serenity. This traditional massage transports you toward total relaxation with slow yet powerful maneuvers performed with the hands, forearms and “Tuiponos” sachets of hot black sand which provide deep muscle relaxation as in a Tiare breeze. Monoi enhances the skin, letting go relieves tension.

The voyage ends on Raïatea, the Sacred Island where your skin is  adorned with Thalgo Polynesia Sacred Oil  enriched and scented with Tahitian Monoi. The subtle mother-of-pearl shimmer reminds one of warm iridescent skin after a gorgeous day in the sun.

“We know nothing will ever replace a real vacation in the Polynesian islands, but with a bit of imagination, you just might find yourself drifting off to your own personal paradise” says Lifestyleasia.com during their review of this famous Thalgo Polynesia spa experience.

Specializing in the natural potential of the sea and hi-tech scientific beauty solutions, Infinisea provides body care solutions to spa and beauty therapists, Podiatrists and five star Destination Hotel spas throughout New Zealand and Pacific Island Nations.

Book your Thalgo Polynesia Spa experience at La Spa Natural e at The Paihai Beach Resort, Chuan Spa, The Langham, Auckland, Flagstaff Lodge, Russell.  Or the new Kalesi Spa and Beauty Lounge at Huapai, West Auckland where they employ a team of Thalgo Therapists who were trained at the Sheraton Hotel in Fiji or visit www.infinisea.co.nz for a further selection of Thalgo spa and clinic profiles.

Thalgo Polynesia Vouchers make a very memorable gift.

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